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SPT Rewards


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SPT Rewards Rules & Regulations

  1. Earn Points:

    • Customers will earn one point for every dollar spent on eligible purchases.

    • Points are earned on the total purchase amount, excluding taxes, tips, and any other non-qualifying charges.

  2. Membership and Registration:

    • Customers must create an account and provide accurate information to participate in the rewards program.

    • Only one account per individual is allowed.

  3. Redemption:

    • Points can be redeemed for rewards based on a predetermined redemption chart.

    • Rewards may include discounts, free items, or other benefits as specified by the program.

  4. Point Expiry:

    • Points may have an expiration date to encourage regular engagement with the program. This date should be clearly communicated to members.

  5. Earning Limits:

    • There may be daily, weekly, or monthly limits on points that can be earned to prevent abuse of the system.

  6. Eligible Purchases:

    • Not all purchases may be eligible for earning points, and this should be clearly defined in the program's terms and conditions.

  7. Returns and Refunds:

    • Points earned from a purchase that is later refunded or returned may be deducted from the customer's account.

  8. Changes to Program:

    • The company should reserve the right to modify or terminate the program at any time with notice to members.

  9. Transfers and Sharing:

    • Points may not be transferred or shared between accounts, unless explicitly permitted.

  10. Account Security:

    • Customers are responsible for maintaining the security of their accounts and should promptly report any unauthorized activity.

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